This September Ayala released her album, Colors & Shapes. All songs were written and composed by Ayala, in English, The songs reflect her life as an immigrant living in the South. The album was produced by a founding member of the legendary band, Hootie and the Blowfish, Mark Bryan, who brought to Ayala’s songs his own unique perspective.

From Mark: “Ayala’s classical background as a pianist and composer, along with her cultural perspective, made for one of the most unique recording experiences I’ve ever been involved with.  She is an endless fountain of creativity, and we share a knack for melodic hooks.  I thoroughly enjoyed helping her arrange it all, and playing with her and Quentin Baxter.”  Mark Bryan

On stage, Ayala sings, plays the piano and tells the stories behind her new songs and other songs along the years, the feelings, thoughts and situations that brought her to write them. 

Weather it’s alone with the piano, or with musicians on stage, Ayala combines, in a musical setting, humor and heartfelt emotions.

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